Our focus is helping our clients get a good overview of their operations. We have decades of experience providing companies knowledge of the state of their operations as well as their business.


Monitoring & observability

With our wide experience from monitoring and log solutions we help manage and improve existing solutions making sure your operations is fully functional for both IT and business. We are working with well known cloud native tools such as

  • Elastic

  • Influx

  • Grafana

  • Prometheus.

We also take pride in many years experience with

  • Nagios

  • op5

  • Icinga

  • and many more.


Software development

We help you integrate existing solutions, add monitoring functionality that's lacking and provide custom dashboard for your operations or business. Tell us your idea or need and we will propose a solution.


Assessment & strategy

Are you moving more and more of your computer power from your own data centers to the cloud, or are you perhaps cloud native from start? Changes to the way we operate requires adaptation on how we observe our systems. We help you assess, procure, take to production and evaluate.


"Working with IT in healthcare we have the opportunity to make a real difference for our patients. Our mission is to monitor, collect metrics and visualize data to provide everyone in the organization with accurate and easy to understand data about the IT environment. With better information we can make better operational decisions, leading to higher availability of our services. Opsdis provides guidance and expertise on observability which allows us to keep a high speed and be ready for the future."

Daniel Franzén - Team leader @ SLL Monitoring Team
- Stockholms Läns Landsting


"Monitoring a large scale dynamic network has it challenges. Doing manual updates of the monitoring system when changes are done in the network is not a viable solution. Except to the time it takes, the risk of human errors and a not up to date view of the network are high. Opsdis helped us develop an integrated solution between Airwave network management system and Op5/Monitor to enable a fully automatic process that give us a a correct and up to date monitoring experience of our network, and they delivered it in the time frame of days."

Einar Berntsson - System technician @ Karlshamns Kommun
- Karlshamns Kommun