Get started with Prometheus for all OP5 Monitor users

Classic monitoring ala Nagios has been the default solution for many companies and organizations. But many of the companies and customers we meet starts to become curious about the new kind of tools that are available especially driven by faster change of pace in their infrastructure, a need for more advanced alerting and a desire to create dashboard with aggregated and compound metrics.

We work with many customers that are large OP5 Monitor users. OP5 Monitor has the same data model as Nagios, but with many enhancements. So for all OP5 Monitor users we have developed two tools that can be a gateway to start using Prometheus and Grafana in conjunction with OP5 Monitor without giving up existing investment made with OP5 Monitor.

The first tool is monitor-exporter, a Prometheus exporter that can scrape performance data from OP5 Monitor. The second tool is monitor-promdiscovery that enable a dynamic configuration of Prometheus what to scrape with the monitor-exporter. 

All integration with OP5 Monitor is done over Monitors REST API, so all our services can reside on a different host than Monitor. Only monitor-promdiscovery must reside on the same server as Prometheus since it will create the discovery file that Prometheus will read dynamically on change.

Both the tools are licensed under GPLv3 so please try them out. If you have feature requests, issues or just like it please send us feedback. Please remember that this is an early release so there is probably more features needed so please help us with feedback or problems you encounter. And since this is an early release you have to get the package doing a git clone, but we will provide distributions in the future if there is demand for it.

You can find more information at and

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Curious about Grafana, Influxdata and Prometheus

Curious about Influxdata and Prometheus? We have put together a docker-compose stack with all the tools you need to get started with time series based monitoring and observability. Just clone the project at

If you want support in exploring these technologies or how they can extend your current monitoring solution please contact us at